Call handling

  • Receiving of inbound call
  • Transferring calls
  • Click-to-call (manual call from client)
  • Outbound call from call campaign

  • Voiptime Cloud solution has versatile built-in features for outbound calling: WebRTC phone and SIP provider integration.

    Required setting

    Please follow this instruction after the first login:

    1. Set permissions for the microphone - 'Allow': chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?
    2. Enable the call recording in the line settings;
    3. Make an 'ECHO' call;
    4. Select the correct line from the drop-down 'Call' menu in the built-in WebRTC phone;
    5. Select the team;
    6. Switch to the 'Ready' status to handle calls.

    Receiving of inbound call

    To receive inbound or campaign calls, the team members must select the corresponding team from the dropdown list and set the status Ready.

    Inbound call appears in the system as a yellow panel at the top of the screen. The panel displays the name of the lead (if the number is saved) or the client phone number (if the number is unknown). Also, it indicates which inbound line the call came to.

    To pick up the phone, click ANSWER; to end conversation, click a red END button.
    If Ringing time is over and the first operator didn’t manage to pick up on time, a client stays in the queue, and the call is transferred to the next free operator.

    Once the call is taken, the panel turns green and the operator goes into Talking status. The call panel has the following buttons: Volume, Mute Mic, Transfer, Hold, IVR, and End Call button. There is also Add contact button if the received call was made from unknown number.

    After the end of the call, operator goes into Working status, during which one can finish editing the client card.

    Transferring calls

    During inbound call, it is possible to transfer call to the other free operator. To do this:

    • On the call panel, click Transfer.
    • Selectto user option.
    • In the popup, select Operator to transfer (You can can select the operator in Ready status only).
    • Click TRANSFER CALL.

    Also, it is possible to transfer call to an external number:

    • On the call panel, click Transfer.
    • Select to external number.
    • In the Phone number field, enter the phone number in the international format.
    • Click TRANSFER CALL .

    All the call flow is displayed in call report.

    Click-to-call (manual call from the client card)

    To make a call click on the green phone icon next to a phone number. The number will be dialed automatically.

    To make the call to the phone number not saved in the CRM click on the green phone button on the bottom of the sidebar to open the softphone. Enter the number you want to dial.

    Outbound call from call campaign

    If you create a call campaign, the system will dial the phone numbers and transfers calls to your agents.

    The agent is connected with live persons only, he don't need to click Answer button to start the call.