Calling quick guide

Calling in Voiptime Cloud

Due to the integration with Twilio we are able to provide you with the most reliable trunks for autodialing, lowest call rates and the highest call quality.

Trial credits

During the trial period, you will get $1 to your balance and can call real phone numbers. After this credit is exhausted, you can add funds to your balance and continue testing our software.

Free credits for calling

All customers on paid packages receive free credits for calling monthly.

Free usage credits are calculated according to the subscription package and the number of user subscriptions you bought (from 20% to 40% of the subscription price, depending on the package). When free usage credits are exhausted, you will be billed according to our call rates.

Free credits do roll over to the next month.

Call rates

Call rates can be found on the Marketplace - SIP number tab and also on the Main settings - SIP manager tab. Call rates vary by country and type of the call (inbound or outbound).

SIP Balance

Inbound and outbound calls as well as purchasing phone numbers are charged from your SIP balance. Calls are charged per minute (are rounded up to the nearest minute) according to the Twilio pricing.

Your current balance and usage information can be found on the SIP balance tab. To add funds just enter the desired amount, click Buy credits, and enter credit card details.

By default, you’ll receive the in-app notification when the balance drops below $0.5 and the second notification will be shown when the balance reaches $0. You can configure this value to be sure that your calling process won’t be interrupted.

SIP balance

With the Usage tab you can stay up to date with all charges made from your balance.

Balance usage

Phone numbers

SIP number tab allows you to see all active phone number you purchased from Voiptime Cloud.

To search and purchase local phone numbers, press Buy number and select the required country.

Buy phone number

You can narrow the search results by entering the exact area code. Search by location (for example, Boston) is possible only for the USA and Canada.

Search results will be displayed with the phone number and price listed. To purchase a phone number select the appropriate one from the list and press Buy next to it.

Select phone number

The funds will be charged from your SIP balance. The phone number can be used for inbound and outbound calls almost immediately after the purchase.

NOTE: If you can’t find the desired country in the drop-down list, because of regulatory requirements in some countries. In some cases, such phone number purchase require additional address and/or identity verification. Contact sales team for more details.

Phone number renewal

Phone numbers are billed monthly on the day of the month you purchased the number. If that date does not occur in the next month, the billing date will be changed to the last day of that month. Keep your balance positive to continue usage of this phone number.

Cancel the phone number usage

If you don’t want to use the phone number anymore, please contact the support and we’ll start the procedure of the number releasing.

Pay attention that Voiptime Cloud has the right to release the phone number due to inactivity or the missed renewal date.

Some important notes:

  • Your calling ability can be suspended temporarily due to zero balance. You won’t be able to receive or make calls until you refill the balance.
  • When the balance reaches zero, all active calls will be broken.
  • The purchased phone numbers for the suspended accounts are preserved only until their renewal date (this period can be prolonged due to the approval of the support team).