How to create and configure a project?

Project settings

On the Projects tab you can create separate projects for different lead groups, configure their client card settings independently and assign the required users to them.

Project owner is the only person who can configure the project settings and delete leads from it. By default the project is assigned to the person who created it. The owner (the administrator) has the full access to all projects.

Custom fields creation

When creating and editing a project, it is possible to add extra fields that will be spelled out in the client card.

  • Open Lead management tab in the left sidebar, select Projects.
  • Click ADD PROJECT (or EDIT if you want to make changes to the existing project).
  • In the dropdown list, select field type: Text, Number, Floating point number or Checkbox.

  • In the field Field name, enter the name of the new field (the name may consist of 2-35 Latin characters and numbers without Cyrillic and special characters).
  • Click ADD FIELD button.
  • Save project by clicking SAVE button.

The added field will appear upon creating a new lead or editing an existing one. It will be visible also in each client card of this project.

Field types

  • In Text field, you can enter any character (in 1-250 symbols).
  • In Number field, you can enter only numbers from 1 to 35.
  • In Floating point number, you can enter numbers from 2 to 35 with one dot.
  • In Checkbox, you can choose true or false.

Also, it is possible to add an extra field to Contact card. The extra field will be added to all contacts from the project.

Legal basis field

Legal basis is an additional field in the client card for capturing GDPR legal basis for storage and processing of personal information. You can switch this field on during project creation or editing.

  1. In the left sidebar, open "Lead management" tab, select "Projects".
  2. Click "ADD PROJECT/EDIT".
  3. Put a checkmark in "Legal basis field".
  4. Click "SAVE".
  5. In the left sidebar, open “Lead management" tab, select "Contacts".
  6. Open the client card.
  7. In the "Legal basis" field, select one of the entries that describes your relationship best:
    • Legitimate interest - prospect/lead;
    • Legitimate interest - current customer;
    • Performance of the contract;
    • Freely given consent from contact;
    • No lawful basis.

Do not contact status

"Do not contact" is a lead status that indicates when the person has opted out of communications with you. It is impossible to call the lead in this status, and it is also impossible to create a callback/meeting to this lead. While trying to add such a lead to a campaign, it will not be added. If the consent for communication is received again, unlock the lead by changing the status to any other except "Do not contact". If the status change was done from the client card, the date of a change and the name of the user who made the change is recorded in interaction history as an update.