How to use Webhooks?

Webhooks integration

Webhook definition

Webhooks are used for transferring information from one software app into another. It creates and sends notifications when something happens in the trigger application. The event goes to a unique URL, from which it is recognized by the active application.

Webhooks in Voiptime Cloud

Voiptime Cloud uses webhooks to send events to any external system. The events include:

  • Contact (lead) created
  • Contact updated
  • Transfer of call to an external number (the name and a phone number of the lead whose call is transfered)
  • Task (callback or meeting) created
  • Task updated
  • Contact note created
  • Contact note updated
  • Contact note deleted

You can set up integration with your own app via Zapier. Zapier is the simplest way to integrate over 1000 web solutions, such as different CRM systems, Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, etc. The platform does not require any coding skills.

How to integrate Voiptime Cloud with any other app using Zapier:

  1. Sign up to

  2. Create your first ZAP (Add ZAP >> Webhooks).

  3. You’ll see the interface for setting up a Webhook. Select an option Catch hook.

  4. On the next step, click Continue.

  5. Copy Zapier URL. You will use it for test request from Voiptime Cloud.

  6. In Voiptime Cloud, go to Main settings >> Webhooks >> ADD HOOK, and select the required type of Webhook from the drop-down menu. Paste Zapier URL into the field.

  7. Carry out test action in Voiptime Cloud (create or update any lead or make a call and transfer it to external number).

  8. This action will be captured by Zapier automatically. Click Continue to finish setting up the trigger.

  9. Find the app you want to send information to or use any Zapier app to write your own code. Set up the subsequent actions.