How to import CSV file?


How to format the file for the import?

The suitable extensions for the documents to import are .CSV, .DSV, .TSV.

Your file should include a header row. The column names in a header row could't contain any symbols.
Required field: phone number (in the international format). To import contacts with multiple phone numbers create separate columns with labels for each phone number in your spreadsheet.
If you are importing a database without real phone numbers, create an additional column in your file and fill it with the same number for all contacts (minimum 6 digits).

You can include values for any of the default Voiptime Cloud fields (First name, Last name, Phone number, Email, Phone type) and/or create new fields in Project settings (Project - EDIT).
To add extra fields into your client card, open the default Project in Voiptime Cloud. Go to the Projects tab:

Pay attention to every field in the chart.

Fields Requirements
Pay attention! Every value should have a separate field. In case you have several emails or phone numbers, dedicate a separate field to each of them.
Fill in the required field (phone number) before import!
First name 2-100 Latin and Cyrillic symbols, numbers.
Last name 2-100 Latin and Cyrillic symbols, numbers.
Phone number 6 - 34 numbers, special marks "+ -() " without spaces.
The system will remove all spaces automatically except the spaces after the values.
Email Use only the following characters before @: +, _, ., -. Put a domain name after . (i.e. .com, .ru, .net, etc).

How to import the file?

Step 1. To start import, go to Contacts > IMPORT > NEXT. All imported leads can go to a default Project or any Project created by you:

Step 2. Select the Project to which all imported contacts will be added. You can choose it from the list. Then click NEXT:

If you import contacts via Project tab, all leads will appear in the chosen Project. Skip this step.

Step 3. Assign contacts to an appropriate user:

Step 4. Select file and check the encoding.

The default setting for Delimiter is auto. The default setting for Encoding is UTF-8. If the data in a preview is displayed incorrectly, choose advanced settings to change Delimiter and Encoding. You can choose a .CSV file with values separated with one Delimiter only. Then click NEXT.

Step 5. Match values to existing fields and click IMPORT:

You’ll see notifications about successfully imported and failed values.

Some contacts failed to import. How to check them?

To download failed leads, click Failed and the file with them will be downloaded automatically to your PC. Open the downloaded file and check whether it meets the requirements: How to format the file for the import?. Then, try to import it again.