How to set up inbound line?

Inbound line settings

Inbound lines are automatically created for all added or purchased SIP lines. Inbound line settings are located in Inbound tab in the left sidebar. The page contains the list of all inbound lines, where:

  • Name indicates a name of inbound line,
  • Line indicates its selected SIP number,
  • Teams assigned — the number of assigned teams,
  • Radio button — switching an inbound line on/off.

Inbound line creation

Click on CREATE INBOUND button to create a line.

  • Name - enter the name of inbound line (in 2-35 Latin characters without numbers and special characters).
  • Ringing time - this option shows for how long the system waits till the user picks up the call (from 10 to 600 seconds). If the first user doesn't answer the call, it will be automatically routed to the next one. The status of the first user will be changed to NOT READY.
  • Line - this option shows the name of the SIP line used for inbound calls. Select the required line from the drop-down.
  • Maximum working time - allows to limit the time agent spent in Working status after the call. Enter the time from 2 to 3600 seconds.
  • ADD TEAMS - this option allows selecting teams that can handle calls from this inbound line (the “Default team” is added by default). In this case, the intelligent call routing is used:
    • a call from the lead is transferred directly to its owner (assigned user) if one is in READY status;
    • a call from the lead is transferred to a random member of this team if the lead owner is in READY, TALKING or OFFLINE status;
    • a call from an unknown number is transferred to a random member of this team who is in READY status.

If you delete a team from the list, its members will not be able to receive calls from this inbound line.
If you reorder teams in this list, the priority of calls distribution will also change.

The created inbound line will appear on the page and it will be switched on by default.