Marketplace in Voiptime Cloud

  • Plans
  • Purchasing SIP number
  • Billing

  • Plans

    First purchase

    For purchasing the Voiptime Cloud subscription for the first time please follow the instructions below:

    • Go to the Marketplace - Plans tab.
    • Click Buy on the chosen tariff plan.
    • Enter the required number of user subscriptions and the payment period (1 month, 6 months, 1 year) (Note: you can't purchase less than 2 user subscriptions.).
    • If you have a promo code, enter it into the field below and press Apply.
    • Click CHECKOUT to process the payment.


    To renew the Voiptime Cloud subscription in advance you need to:

    • Check the table with your active subscriptions - Purchased plans
    • Press a Renew button at the end of the row.
    • In the popup window check the details and press Pay. The subscription will be renewed for a similar period and number of licenses.


    If you need greater functionality, you can change your tariff plan to a higher one. However, it is impossible to shift from the higher tariff plan to the lower one. During the change of tariff plan, the number of licenses and their durations remain unchanged.

    To change the tariff plan to a higher one:

    • In the left sidebar, open Marketplace tab, select Plans.
    • Click Upgrade on the chosen tariff plan.
    • In the pop-up window, click PAY.
    • Fill in all the credit card details and click CHECKOUT.

    How to buy additional licenses:

    • In the left sidebar, open Marketplace tab, select Plans.
    • Click BUY MORE LICENSES on the chosen tariff plan.
    • In the new window, enter the number of licenses in Add more users for your plan field.
    • Click CHECKOUT.
    • Fill in all the payment fields and click CHECKOUT.

    Check transaction history in the Marketplace - Billing tab.

    After that, you'll be able to create accounts for users.

    Purchasing SIP phone number

    Payment for the purchased virtual local number is debited from your account. If your account has insufficient funds, you need to replenish it first.

    • In the left sidebar, open Marketplace tab, select SIP Number.
    • In the Country field, select the needed country.
    • In the State field, select state/province (not present in all countries).
    • In the Area field, select city/region.
    • Click ORDER PHONE.

    The purchased number will appear in the Purchased numbers. To check whether the number is connected, go to Main settings - SIP manager.


    All transactions related to the purchase of licenses and replenishment of the balance can be found in the "Billing" tab. It is located in the left sidebar, “Marketplace” - Billing tab.

    The table includes the following fields:

    • Date - date and time of the purchase;
    • Payment ID - ID of the transaction;
    • Purpose - the purpose of payment (Balance refill or Voiptime cloud subscription);
    • Amount;