How to connect own VoIP line

How to use the line of another SIP provider?

If you want to use a SIP line (or a SIP trunk) of your own provider, follow the instructions below.
You can buy the virtual local phone number (SIP number) from such providers:

The purchase won’t take you more than 10-15 minutes.

After registration, the Provider will give you SIP settings for SIP registration within our system:

  • IP address or domain name of Sip Server Provider.
  • Username of your SIP-account.
  • Password of your SIP-account.
  • Caller-ID (this field may coincide with the Username).

How to add the current VoIP line

Check our video for the whole process or continue reading to find detailed explanations:

Add own SIP line

Voiptime Cloud SIP settings guide

To set up SIP trunk, go to Settings > SIP manager tab and click ADD SIP. The values for all fields in General tab:

  • Name - any title you want to give to your SIP trunk.
  • SIP proxy - URL or IP address of SIP Service Provider server.
  • Caller ID - it can coincide with the Username (or phone number). In case it is different, it must be given by the SIP Service Provider.
  • Enable recording - allows calls recording.
  • SIP registration - enables you to register lines using the username and password.
  • Username and Password - SIP Service Provider gives you SIP settings. SIP settings include: Username or Trunk # (as it is called at, Password, Server, Caller ID.

  1. Replace "Provider X" with any name you want to use for the provider.
  2. Replace “” with the IP address or domain name supplied by your SIP Service Provider.
  3. Replace "Caller-ID" with Caller Id assigned by your SIP Service Provider (in most cases, this field coincides with the Username).
  4. Put a checkmark in Enable recording checkbox to record all your calls if needed (the call recording is deactivated by default).
  5. Put a checkmark in SIP registration checkbox to fill in the fields below:
    • Replace "username" with the Username assigned by your SIP Service Provider.
    • Replace "password" with the password assigned by your SIP Service Provider.

ADVANCED tab and CODEC contain standardized settings and in 90% cases, you don’t need to change them:

After you fill in all required fields, click SAVE, and wait for a couple of seconds.

If the data is correct, SIP registration status will be OK and connected.

In case SIP registration status is NOT CONNECTED (or 503: DNS Error), check SIP Settings and repeat the attempt.

After adding the line you'll be able to change the used line in the softphone settings.